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Well, I may have been on My Strange Addiction, but at least I looked fab.

Any questions or hatemail you have is currently being accepted.

Your flower crown pierces the veil of time and space.

I’m confused what is your strange addiction?

The fact I dress nicely occasionally?

Idk, we had no idea this was going to be MSA. It’s pretty fucking funny that I ended up on it though.

The episode is supposed to be about crazy people that will go through whatever means necessary to look like a doll. The actual show is pretty funny, but the fact that its demonizing JFash is pretty shitty. There have been lolitas complaining that when they went out yesterday people thought they were addicts or something.

For anyone who’s confused, my friend above (as well as her friends) were told they were going to be on a documentary about the lolita fashion subculture…

And it turned out to be My Strange Addiction. They didn’t tell them that’s what they were being filmed for. At all. Wasn’t on the release forms/contracts.

They lumped a perfectly healthy and creative fashion subculture (complete with “kooky music” to make them look insane) in with a man who had a plastic surgery addiction that even his doctor was hesitant about because he knew how dangerous it was.

Regardless of whether or not it’s common for lolitas to have insecurities that could contribute to unhealthy behaviors (which really has nothing to do with lolita, since obviously ANYONE in ANY fashion subculture can have an eating disorder, etc), this was really shitty for such a well-known program to do. 

Really shitty. 

I’m pretty disgusted and I’m sorry you all had to go through this.

Thank you so much New :)

Please read what she wrote, basically this is what happened. 

ok what the hell that is SUCH shit i’m really glad i don’t watch this show

WOAH WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS ONA this is my irl friend i cant believe this is fucked up as hell im so sorry

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barackobotm asked: WHERE IS MY PAYCHECK?!

*sigh* you don’t get paid unless you invent time travel